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Hidesign Stories


    After a refreshing long weekend, we step into a new work week with a spring in our step and a fresh outlook. The break gave us a chance to honor a ...
  • The Hipsters Collection

    The Hipster collection is for all the coffee loving, indie rock vibing, sandal-sock pairing, non-mainstream movie watching folks out there!  Inspi...
  • Let your skin breathe – Our shoes are here to show you the way!

    Our shoes embody understated elegance. They speak volumes about quality and craftsmanship without shouting for attention. It's all about casual but refined style, representing a quiet luxury that stands the test of time.
  • Hidesign's History with the LGBTQ Capital in the World

    When you've been in business for 45 years, you've seen it all – the ups and downs, the different people you meet along the way, and most importantl...
  • Small town boys with big dreams!

    India is now our biggest market, having surpassed the United Kingdom in 2009. Hidesign is no longer just a western brand; today it is expanding in India , Malaysia , Russia and Sri Lanka. Hidesign has become part of the incredible change sweeping across Asia . This is an adventure that has only just begun
  • Discovering EI (East India) Leathers

    The distinctive quality of E.I. leather came from the use of barks, seeds and oils native to South Indian mountains and forests
  • The story of our East Indian leathers

    Hidesign’s East India leather is especially strong, with a lively bounce because the extracts of Myrobalan seed and Wattle bark ‘feed’ and ‘fill’ the leather, unlike chemical chrome tanning which only ‘covers’ the leather fibers. 
  • All about the Atelier

    Hidesign began as a hobby. A curiosity of leather, a chance to experiment and to build something by hand. That it developed into a successful brand...