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Hidesign Stories

  • Hidesign's History with the LGBTQ Capital in the World

    When you've been in business for 45 years, you've seen it all – the ups and downs, the different people you meet along the way, and most importantl...
  • Discovering EI (East India) Leathers

    The distinctive quality of E.I. leather came from the use of barks, seeds and oils native to South Indian mountains and forests
  • The story of our East Indian leathers

    Hidesign’s East India leather is especially strong, with a lively bounce because the extracts of Myrobalan seed and Wattle bark ‘feed’ and ‘fill’ the leather, unlike chemical chrome tanning which only ‘covers’ the leather fibers. 
  • All about the Atelier

    Hidesign began as a hobby. A curiosity of leather, a chance to experiment and to build something by hand. That it developed into a successful brand...