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The Hipsters Collection

The Hipster collection is for all the coffee loving, indie rock vibing, sandal-sock pairing, non-mainstream movie watching folks out there! 

Inspired by the eclectic fashion and lifestyle choices of hipsters our new collection is born. The Hipster collection is a tribute to the self-consciously cool, trendsetting souls who are always one step ahead of the fashion game!  In the realm of fashion, Hipsters embrace avant-garde styles and avoid anything adopted by mass culture. Our collection captures this essence of consciously trying to be different, while staying true to yourself.

The Hipsters Collection boasts an overall minimalist design with a pop of eclectic and quirky elements – hidden art and witty lines, in a true hipster sense. Colorful gussets and braids add vibrancy to the overall look of the bags and accentuate the bold characteristics.

At the heart of the Hipsters Collection lies the craftsmanship that defines these exceptional bags. Carefully selected hides are chosen for their inherent strength and resilience, ensuring that each bag can withstand the demands of daily use.

If you've been on the hunt for an exceptionally cool accessory to take along, your quest ends here. Our hipster collection is designed to provide you with both  functionality and cool design

We  look  forward to running into you sipping on some matcha with your new Hipster bag.

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