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Have You Heard About Our East India Collection?

Have You Heard About Our East India Collection?


Ever wondered what gives your hidesign leather bags that extra touch of style and meaning? 

It's all about vegetable-tanned leather. This isn't just any leather; it's a product of age-old techniques using barks, seeds, and oils found in the forests of South India.

No chemicals involved! This method has stood the test of time for 400 years, showcasing the dedication to quality and tradition.

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So, What's the Big Deal with Vegetable-Tanned Leather?

You might wonder why we're all hyped up about vegetable tanning. Well, it’s an old-school way of doing things, where patience is key. The leather soaks up all the goodness from South Indian forests, which gives it a unique vibe that just gets better as it ages.

Each item is a testament to the skilled hands that have been passing down their wisdom for centuries. What you get is a product that's not just durable and stylish but also brimming with stories.

Want Timeless Style? We've Got You Covered

Now, let's talk style. Our East India collection is like a perfect mixtape – it's got the classics but with a modern twist. Need something classy for work? Our briefcases are a hit in the boardroom. Planning a weekend getaway? Our travel duffle bags are your perfect companion. Each piece is a story of craftsmanship, care, and loads of attention to detail.

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And, We Care About Our Planet, Too

Here's something we're really proud of at Hidesign – our commitment to being kind to the environment. Choosing vegetable-tanned leather isn't just about looking good; it's about making a positive choice for our planet. It's fashion with a conscience.

So, what do you think? Ready to be part of something special? Come, explore our collection and find your own piece of this amazing story.

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